How to Make the Most of American Express Business Loan Rates

When financing needs arise for your small business, American Express offers a variety of loan and line of credit options. AmEx business lending rates are competitive compared to many other lenders. Here’s an in-depth guide to interest rates and fees for AmEx business loans.

Introduction to American express Business Loan Options

American Express provides three main types of business financing:

  • Term Loans – Fixed-amount loans from $5K – $500K repaid over 6 months to 5 years.
  • Lines of Credit – Revolving credit lines up to $500K to access as needed.
  • Merchant Financing – Funding tied to your card processing history with no fixed payments.

Loans and lines of credit carry fixed interest rates while merchant financing has variable repayment amounts.

American express Business Loan Interest Rates

Interest rates on American Express term loans and lines of credit typically fall between 6.0% – 29.99% APR. Actual rates depend on these factors:

  • Your business credit score – Better scores mean lower rates
  • Loan amount – Larger loans often have lower rates
  • Loan term – Longer terms get lower rates
  • Your time in business – More experience means better rates
  • Revenue and cash flow – Higher revenues/cash flow = better rates

AmEx advertises loans with APRs as low as 6.0%. But that’s only offered to the most qualified borrowers. Expect rates between 10-20% for many small business borrowers.

Comparing American express Rates to Other Lenders

How do AmEx business loan rates stack up against other financing sources?

  • Online lenders like Kabbage and OnDeck offer rates from 7% – 99%
  • SBA 7(a) loans from 5% – 8%
  • Bank business loans from 5% – 13%
  • Credit union business loans from 6% – 18%
  • 401(k) business financing rates from 4.5% – 6.5%

For the most creditworthy borrowers, AmEx competes with bank rates. But less qualified borrowers will pay higher rates like online lender rates.

What Fees Does American express Charge?

When it comes to fees, AmEx business loans include:

  • Origination fee from 1% – 4% on approved loans
  • No prepayment penalties if repaid early
  • Late payment fee around 6% of unpaid amount
  • Returned payment fee up to $39
  • No application or maintenance fees

Compare total origination fees across lenders, as those can significantly impact the cost to borrow.

Factors That Influence Your American express Loan Rate

AmEx will examine several aspects of your business’s finances when setting loan rates including:

  • Time in business and experience level
  • Annual and monthly revenues
  • Profitability and operating margins
  • Cash flow consistency
  • Projected revenue growth
  • Business credit score
  • Percentage of revenue from AmEx card processing
  • Credit utilization on existing AmEx cards
  • Personal credit scores of business owners

Strong metrics in these areas will qualify your business for the lowest advertised rates.

Tips for Getting the Lowest Rate on Your American express Business Loan

Follow these tips to help secure the most favorable interest rate when financing with AmEx:

  • Have at least 2 years of operating history
  • Maintain low balances on your AmEx cards
  • Build your business credit score above 680
  • Show steady revenue growth on applications
  • Provide strong cash flow documentation
  • Only apply for the loan amount truly needed
  • Highlight business assets or collateral available
  • Keep personal credit scores above 700
  • Take a conservative approach to projected financials

Having a combination of positive factors will earn you the best possible rate from AmEx.


American express business loan rates span from 6% up to around 30% APR, with most applicants falling between 10-20% APR based on their qualifications. Rates from AmEx are competitive for medium to large loan amounts compared to online lenders and credit unions. Be sure to consider fees in addition to rates when selecting your best financing option. With strong revenues, cash flow, credit, and experience, your business can earn AmEx’s lowest advertised rates.

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