Deploying Google Chrome for Business MSI

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers globally for its speed, simplicity, and security. For enterprise use, Google offers Chrome Browser for business which includes additional features tailored for the workplace. Companies can utilize the Chrome for business MSI (Microsoft Installer) package to efficiently deploy and manage Chrome across their organization.

The MSI allows IT administrators to customize Chrome’s default settings and policies based on their business needs. It enables silent, automated browser installation along with centralized management and control. The Chrome enterprise MSI unlocks scalable Chrome deployment while reducing administrative overhead.

Benefits of the Chrome for Business MSI

Utilizing the Chrome browser MSI installer for enterprise deployment provides these key benefits:

  • Simplified distribution – Push Chrome installation remotely via group policy
  • Efficient scalability – Deploy to any number of managed endpoints
  • Custom configurations – Tailor browser policies and settings
  • Centralized management – Control all browsers through the Admin console
  • Seamless integration – Aligns with existing infrastructure like AD
  • Reduced compatibility issues – Standardize on optimized browser
  • User profile syncing – Access bookmarks and history anywhere

Downloading the Chrome for Business MSI

To begin deployment planning, first download the MSI installer package:

  • Navigate to the Chrome Enterprise download page
  • Select the “Download .MSI (Windows)” option
  • Choose between 32-bit or 64-bit MSI versions
  • Save the .msi file locally on your network
  • Obtain a valid Chrome Enterprise license key
  • Verify integrity of the file via SHA hash check

Deploying the Chrome Browser MSI

Once you have the MSI, deploying Chrome involves these steps:

  • Import MSI into your deployment tool like Microsoft Endpoint Manager
  • Configure required policies in the Google Admin console
  • Define your deployment scope – users, devices, etc.
  • Set silent, automated deployment rules
  • Test rollout to a pilot group
  • Expand to enterprise-wide deployment
  • Manage policies and update versions continuously

Configuring Chrome Browser Policies

Key browser policies to customize for your business include:

Homepage and Startup Pages

  • Set default homepage and new tab page to internal sites

Bookmark Bar Settings

  • Pre-populate bookmarks to internal tools and resources

Proxy Server Settings

  • Define enterprise proxy rules for traffic routing

Plugin Settings

  • Manage allowed vs blocked plugins by category

Auto Update Settings

  • Choose update policies like auto-updates for security

Pushing Chrome Browser Updates

The MSI allows centralized and automated browser updating:

  • Deploy new major version updates as MSI packages
  • Enable silent background updates for minor versions
  • Force extension updates via policies
  • Changes to policies apply once Chrome restarts
  • Monitor fleet and identify outdated versions


The Chrome for Business MSI installer allows IT admins to customize, deploy at scale, centrally manage, and reduce compatibility issues across their Chrome browser fleet. It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft infrastructure while unlocking the latest enterprise features of Chrome. For organizations that rely on Chrome, the MSI distribution method simplifies management overhead and provides better workforce productivity.

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